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Polly Faber is a children's book blogger and volunteer reading helper through the charity Beanstalk. She lives in London with her husband, two sons and Jones, their MAGNIFICENT cat (his full name is Goldhills Pride Thundercat Indiana Jones Faber - but that only gets used when he’s been bad). She and her family look after their very own tiny free library outside their house in North London - anyone passing it can add or take a book!

Some of the things Polly likes include: the colour yellow, cheesy puff crisps, the seaside on a cold day, reaching the top of a mountain, patting ponies, dark chocolate brownies, bedtime, bonfires, bluebell woods, crazy golf, fizzy cola bottles, stripy socks, sledging, reading aloud, roses, hot baths, feeding ducks, Scrabble, a good stick, mud pies, free wheeling on a bicycle and pudding.

Mango & Bambang is her first series of books for children.

Author's Comment: Q. Do you have any peculiar writing rituals or habits?

I'm not sure I do have any writing rituals - beyond the necessity of a cup of Earl Grey tea in the right mug beside me. I do a lot of walking in the local woods if I get stuck. I also have a pebble on my desk with the word 'Concentrate' written on it that I stare at if I'm getting distracted by Twitter or thinking about biscuits.

Q. What advice would you offer to aspiring writers/illustrators?

I think I'm too new to this to be qualified to offer advice. My writing began with reading so I think it's obviously essential to read widely and currently- especially if you're writing for children. I also think you have to write to please yourself. You have to feel the emotion first. My internal critical voice is annoyingly astute about whether what I've written is worthwhile; even when I'd rather it wasn't!

Q. What is the last book you bought someone as a gift?

I often buy books to give as birthday presents for my children's friends. I think the last one was the new edition of Catherine Storr's 'Clever Polly and the Stupid Wolf'- a book I loved as a child and still love now. My love might have had something to do with sharing a name with its heroine but I don't think you have to be a Polly to enjoy it.

Q. How did the idea of Mango and Bambang come about?

Mango and Bambang came about through my friendship with Clara and a conversation over buns. Buns fuel all the best ideas in my life. Clara suggested I write a book for her to illustrate. I, half-jokingly, suggested a tapir deserved its story told. Shortly afterwards she sent me the first sketch of Mango and Bambang and- WHAMMO!- I knew exactly what I wanted to write about them and couldn't wait to start. I suppose it was the right project for both of us at the right time, but there was definitely a bit of stardust magic in those buns I think.

Nationality: British

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