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Heidi Schulz is a bit of a riddle, even to herself. Her high school career aptitude test suggested she would be an excellent air-traffic controller, possibly because she is always thinking of a million things at once. She enjoys cooking but hates having to cook—there is a difference, you know. She loves spreadsheets almost as much as she loves creating new worlds on paper. She is suspicious of giraffes and despairs of ever being normal.

Heidi lives in the same Oregon community that she grew up in, although she did take a much beloved three year break with her husband and daughter to live in Maryland. It never fails to delight her that her town’s public library still has the same three-story dollhouse on display that a very young Heidi liked to look at, nor that the children’s librarians are able to continue coming up with new ways to arrange the furniture.

Heidi worked in accounting until the birth of her daughter, at which point she chose to pursue a career in playing Barbies and scraping Playdoh out of the carpet. After many years, she was promoted to head chauffeur and frequent co-conspirator. She has been homeschooling her daughter since 2007. If you see Heidi out and about, feel free to quiz her on her times tables.Heidi lives in Salem, Oregon with her husband, their teen daughter, a terrible little dog, and five irascible chickens. Early in the morning and/or late at night she writes stories for children.

Author's Comment:

What do you hope readers will take away the character Jocelyn? Would she see herself as a role model?

 I would love for readers to feel empowered by her. Jocelyn is a flawed character but some of those flaws and weaknesses are the very things that help her accomplish her goals. I hope readers may see some of the very things that may appear to be holding them back, might actually be strengths, if looked at in the right way.

I don’t think Jocelyn would see herself as a role model—but she would see herself as captain.

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