Kate DiCamillo

Photo of Kate DiCamillo
Kate was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, raised in Clermont, Florida, and currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She writes for both children and adults and likes to think of herself as a storyteller.

Here are a few more facts about Kate: she is short. And loud. She hates to cook and loves to eat. She is single and childless, but she has lots of friends and is an aunt to three children (Luke, Roxanne, and Max) and one dog (Henry).

Kate thinks of herself as an enormously lucky person: she gets to tell stories for a living!

Author's Comment: Writing a novel isn't like building a brick wall. You don't figure out how to do it and then it gets easier each time because you know what you're doing. With writing a novel you have to figure it out each time. Each time you start over, you just have the language, and the idea and the hope.

Nationality: American