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Carolyn Evans is an author, speaker and singer/songwriter who once opened for Pat Benetar—you can ask your mum who that is. She loves traveling to faraway places, but is just as happy at home with her husband and kids living by a river in South Carolina, dreaming up grand adventures for Maggie Malone.

Author's Comment: Jenna and I both love getting to know these characters throughout the series and have more fun with them over time. Frank the genie is probably my favorite character and he just gets funnier, grittier (did I mention he’s a cowboy genie?) and more honest, the longer Maggie knows him. We have had a little trouble keeping our minor characters straight between books (was Willis Freedman the long-eared donkey in the Christmas pageant or was that Carl Lumberton?) but lucky for me, Jenna is crazy organized and keeps a running character cheat sheet for us to refer back to. Also, the main part of each book is Maggie’s day in someone else’s shoes, which inevitably involves her meeting new people, so there are always fun, fresh characters to create in every book.

Nationality: American

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