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Scot wasn't born reading and writing; in fact he left school in year eleven to undertake an apprenticeship in gardening with the local council. His first fiction for young readers, One Dead Seagull, was published after he attended a writing conference with John Marsden. His many books since include Burning Eddy, which was short-listed for both the CBCA and NSW Premier's Literary awards. He has also contributed to the series, Stuff Happens, edited by Susannah McFarlane.

Scot lives with his wife and three children, two dogs and some chooks in the bush in Eastern Victoria. He spends half the year writing and half the year on the road talking to mostly young people about his books and the craft of writing.

Author's Comment: I’m not exactly sure how I ended up a writer. I wanted to be a veterinarian when I was at school, but I did work experience as a vet and it was nothing like I’d imagined. I wanted to be a superhero injecting life into sick animals, but most of the critters I saw were about to be put down. I didn’t have the heart for that as a kid, so I became a gardener. Scot Gardner, the gardener. No joke. I studied massage while working as a landscaper then studied counseling and psychotherapy while I was working as a masseur. I lived for a time on money I earned playing Didjeridu and selling instruments online. I’ve waited tables and driven trucks, facilitated group therapy for people suffering mental ill-health, been a youth worker and fronted classrooms as a secondary school teacher.

See what I mean? Not exactly a straight line. Maybe the explanation lies in my childhood?

Nationality: Australian

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