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Aaron Starmer was born in northern California, raised in the suburbs of Syracuse, New York, and educated at Drew University in Madison, New Jersey. His novels for young readers include Dweeb and The Only Ones and a series for young adults called The Riverman Trilogy, and his travel writing has appeared in numerous guidebooks. He lives with his wife in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Author's Comment: Like countless nerdy and reflective teens, I was drawn to satirical takes on metaphysics. Douglas Adams. Kurt Vonnegut’s Sirens of Titan and Cat’s Cradle. And that tone certainly still seeps into my work. I can’t take these things too seriously because it’s all so abstract and ridiculous. Wondering about existence and space and time and all that is also ridiculously fun, so I also can’t discount the appeal.

Nationality: American

Featured series by Aaron Starmer

Riverman Trilogy (Ages 12 and up)