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A.L Tait, who writes fiction and non-fiction for adults under her full name, Allison Tait, grew up dreaming of world domination. Unfortunately, at the time there were only alphabet sisters B.L. and C.A., and long-suffering brother M.D.M. to practise on . . . and parents who didn’t look kindly upon sword fights, plank-walking or thumbscrews.

But dreams don’t die and The Mapmaker Chronicles, the author’s first series of books for children, is the result.

A.L. lives in country NSW with a family, a garden, four goldfish and one very cheeky puppy.

Author's Comment: You know that feeling you get when you stand on the lawn on a summer's night, staring up at the star-strewn sky, and wondering 'what's really out there?'? That's the feeling that inspired The Mapmaker Chronicles.

The series is set in a time when so much is unknown. Is the world round? Is it flat? Is there a fire-breathing dragon waiting just beyond the horizon? Of course, the only way to find the answers to those questions is to go – even if you have to be dragged kicking and screaming onto the endless ocean, like our hero Quinn. And sometimes, just like Quinn, you find way more than you ever bargained for.

These days, of course, we'd just Google it. But where's the fun in that?

Nationality: Australian

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