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Keith Thompson was born in England, but was raised and educated in Canada. Currently in his early twenties, he has worked an an artist his whole life and has significant professional success. He has illustrated three steampunk fantasy novels with young adult author Scott Westerfeld entitled 'Leviathan', 'Behemoth' and 'Goliath', and one companion book to the series known as 'The Manual of Aeronautics'. His style has been described as "Victorian anime" by Scott Westerfeld and also as "fantastic and surreal".

Author's Comment: Q: Can you speak about the process of working with Scott (Westerfeld?) A: I like to think of it as a wonderfully old fashioned and Edwardian way of going about an illustrated book. The correspondence was predominantly written. Scott would either mention loosely what was planned ahead of time, or send drafts of future chapters. I would sketch up depictions and describe details on how things could work out. Upon consensus the writing and art would solidify further independently, but would both end up matching upon finalisation. The process seemed to form very naturally and quickly and lasted unchanged for three years.

Nationality: British / Canadian

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Leviathan (Ages 12 and up)