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Sarah was born in London, and spent her childhood in America, Sweden, and finally New Zealand where she spent a lot of time digging for worms, chasing sheep, falling in rivers – and of course, doodling endlessly. She now spends her time in Sydney digging for ideas, chasing her 3 children, spilling pots of paint – and doodling endlessly. She began illustrating for children in 2007 and has since collaborated with several well known Australian and NZ authors.

Author's Comment:

Tell us about a time you’ve enjoyed relaxing and reading a book – at the bach, on holiday, what was the book?

The experience that springs to mind is one holiday when I was ten – we were staying in a holiday house on a farm near the sea, on Banks Peninsula, and I started reading
The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. I took the book up a hill and into the tussock, so I was surrounded and shaded by long grass. The only sounds were the bleating of sheep, the lull of the waves, and the wind in the grass. I disappeared into that book, and was totally carried away by the story, hidden all day on top of the world with a gentle sun shining. I finished the last chapter just on dusk, and walked back to the bach feeling like I was returning from another Universe.

Nationality: Australian

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