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When Sara Pennypacker was a kid, she thought her parents' job was to keep life dull. She is very much afraid her own children felt the same way about her. Now that she's grown up, she is the author of the acclaimed middle grade novel Summer of the Gypsy Moths; the award-winning Clementine chapter book series; and the picture books Pierre in Love and Sparrow Girl. She divides her time between Cape Cod and Florida.

Author's Comment: I loved books and I loved art – books and art didn't care that I was really tall or really shy. So I drew and painted and did mosaics and carved things (for a couple of years, I spent my whole allowance on bars of Ivory soap – great for carving!) and I read and made up stories. Even today, I am happiest reading, writing, or making art.

Nationality: American

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Clementine (Ages 7 and up)