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Rosanne Hawke lives in rural South Australia. Many of her 20 books have been shortlisted or notable in Australian awards, and Taj and the Great Camel Trek was the winner of a 2012 Adelaide Festival award.

For ten years Rosanne was an aidworker and teacher in the Middle East. She is a Carclew, Asialink, Varuna, and May Gibbs Fellow, and a Bard of Cornwall. Rosanne enjoys writing adventures and mysteries about history, culture, relationships, music and cats. She lectures in Creative Writing at Tabor Adelaide.

Author's Comment: I believe reading to children at a young age is beneficial in language acquisition. Children read to at an early age will speak well, ie have larger vocabularies and increased comprehension as they have heard the language constantly; their speech development will be enhanced by hearing speech patterns and rhythms in the reading. I suspect they will also read better and earlier than they would have if they weren't read to, as reading to children leads to better vocab and this leads to reading success.

Nationality: Australian

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