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Colin Meloy once wrote Ray Bradbury a letter, informing him that he "considered himself an author too." He was ten. Since then, Colin has gone on to be the singer and songwriter for the band the Decemberists, where he channels all of his weird ideas into weird songs. With the Wildwood Chronicles, he is now channeling those ideas into novels.

Colin lives with his wife Carson, their children and a cat called Window in Portland, quite near the Impassable Wilderness.

Author's Comment: I feel like I tailored [The Wildwood Chronicles] all along, and I knew I wanted to kind of push that and make it as dark as I could, just from the books that I loved growing up — John Bellairs and Roald Dahl, who I think really pushed the envelope of what — not necessarily what dark material kids could handle, but mostly what publishers would publish, because I think kids can handle really dark material and in fact I think they really love it and long for it. So, I think I was aware of that and wanted that to be a real part of the tone of the books . . .

Nationality: American

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