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Pam Harvey was born in Victoria and studied physiotherapy at Lincoln Institute of Health Services. In addition to working as a physiotherapist, she has taught at TAFE and currently lectures at Monash University.

Pam has been writing novels for children and young adults since 1993. She lives in Bendigo with her husband and two children.

Author's Comment: Here’s a positive story for you: a publisher contacted recently asking whether they could publish a story of mine as a chapter book for young readers. When they told me what story it was, I had to think pretty hard. ‘I think I sent that to you quite a while ago,’ I finally said. ‘So, can we publish it?’ Moot point, really. ‘Go ahead,’ I said. When I looked back at my records, it had been quite a while ago that I’d sent that story in – 12 years to be exact! I guess you just never know…

Nationality: Australian

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