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Kendra C. Highley was born in Oklahoma City and went to Putnam City North High School, where she met her husband at a football game. She went to college at the University of Oklahoma, graduating with a B.A. in English Literature and an M.B.A. Soon after, Kendra and her husband moved to Texas, where they've resided ever since.

Kendra and her husband have two children, who are both keen band members—just as their parents were. She also serves as staff to two self-important and high-powered cats. This, according to the cats, is her most critical job. She believes in everyday magic, extraordinary love stories and the restorative powers of dark chocolate.

Author's Comment: In my spare time–what little I have–I love to write, of course, bake, do time at the gym, watch Big Bang Theory and read. I’m also left-handed, and I avoid writing in pen so the side of hand doesn’t look like a Rorschach test. Weirdly, I bowl right-handed. Go figure!

Nationality: American

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