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John Coy was born in 1958 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the oldest of four children. As a child, he enjoyed collecting rocks, sports, reading and travel. John graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from St. John's University in 1980, and a Master of Arts in Human Development, from St. Mary's College Graduate in 1993.

John worked in a variety of careers before deciding to be a writer and educator. Among other undertakings, he conducts writing workshops for children and adults of all ages, and collaborates with teachers to design writing activities for their students.

Apart from his middle-grade series, '4 for 4', John has written numerous picture books, as well as two novels for young adults, 'Crackback' and 'Box Out', both set in the high school sports arena.

Author's Comment: An Ice Chunk (a poem by John Coy, age 8)

An ice chunk, an ice hunk,
I threw it hard. It did not break.
I was amazed for goodness sake.

An ice chunk, an ice hunk,
I threw it hard and it did hit,
It did not break, not one wee bit.

An ice chunk, an ice hunk,
I threw it hard and then I gazed.
For goodness sake, I was amazed.

An ice chunk, an ice hunk.

Nationality: American

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