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Leeanne was born the seventh of nine children; she has six brothers and two sisters. Life was tough growing up, but Leeanne always loved netball and writing, which gave her something positive on which to focus. She wrote her first play in grade five, which was performed before the entire school. Ambitiously, she tried to write her first novel in Year 9. However, it took nearly thirty years, two occupations and three children, before she got the opportunity to follow her dream and study Professional Writing and Editing. Since graduating, Leeanne has been writing, or editing her work, every day.

In co-writing the Netball Dreamz series, Leeanne combines her two greatest loves: writing and netball. Leeanne has never lost her passion for netball. She is an intermediate netball coach and it is with this knowledge of the game that she is able to weave the story of Sally, Nat and the Central Park grade six netball team.

Beside Netball Dreamz, Leeanne has also written two other books for children: Tunnel Creek and Lenora Girls' School.

Nationality: Australian

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