Julie Fison

Photo of Julie Fison
Julie Fison grew up in Brisbane, exploring local creeks and the islands around Moreton Bay and harbouring an ambition to be a zoologist. Instead she became a television news reporter, working  in Australia, Asia and Europe, covering stories of all sizes and significance – shaking hands with heads of state one week and orang utans the next. Julie has also eaten things she wishes she hadn’t: wok-fried grasshoppers taste just like they look and rat soup tastes worse than it sounds.

Her first children's series, Hazard River, was published under the nom de plume J.E. Fison and was inspired by a family holiday on the Noosa River. Julie's latest young adult novels – Tall, Dark and Distant and Lust and Found – are part of a hot new romance series for teens known as Smitten.


Julie currently lives in Brisbane with her husband and their two sons. She keeps busy writing stories for children and young adults, blogging on writing, parenting and travel, arbitrating on gaming infringements, managing homework crises and juggling the many other challenges of family life.

Author's Comment: Q: Why did you choose to write fiction?

A: I’ve been reporting facts in one way or another since 1986. That’s a lot of facts! I decided a few years ago to give fiction a try, because I wanted to have a go at setting the plot. But my stories are all firmly planted in the real world. I doubt you’ll ever see me writing fantasy. And I have to admit, I still let facts get in the way of a good piece of fiction! I can’t help it; I’m still a journalist at heart.

Nationality: Australian