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Kate lives in Melbourne, Australia with her husband, two children and two dogs. She can often be found nursing a laptop, surrounded by magazines and watching trashy television or French films while Facebooking, pinning on Pinterest, tweeting and texting, usually all at once.

Kate is the author of several adult romance novels including The Perfect Location and The Perfect Retreat. She has also written several young adult romance books for the Smitten series, including Unlucky Break and Head over High Heels.

She is an avid follower of fashion, fame and all things pop culture and is an excellent dinner party guest who always brings gentle gossip and something nice to drink.

Author's Comment: My biggest influence would have to be the authors who I read as a child. These are the stories that stay with me and I am always trying to recreate the feelings I got from their books, and the hero’s and heroines. I read Gone With the Wind over ten times through my youth. Scarlett O’Hara has one of the best character arcs written that I can think of.

Nationality: Australian

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