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Michael Pryor was born in Swan Hill, Victoria and lived in both country Victoria and Melbourne before moving to Geelong at the age of ten. After secondary school, he attended university in Melbourne.

Michael has worked in many fields, including a truck driver, a bathroom accessories salesperson, an Internet consultant, a Multimedia Developer, a Publisher, in a scrap metal yard and as a secondary school teacher. As a teacher, he has taught English, Literature, Drama, Legal Studies and Computer Studies.

Michael has published more than twenty-five fantasy books and over forty short stories, his writing style varying from literary fiction to science fiction to slapstick humour. He has been shortlisted six times for the Aurealis Awards and six of his books have been CBCA Notable Books, including three books in the 'Laws of Magic' series. Michael's interests include computers, the Internet, games of all sorts, sport, reading, food, wine, and gardening. He currently lives in Melbourne with his wife Wendy, and two daughters, Celeste and Ruby.

Author's Comment: Why do I write? Because it's fun. Because I like creating something that I'm in control of. Because it's like being an explorer in an unknown country, finding my way through the dense undergrowth of plot and the uncharted wildernesses of character. Because I always figured that I could do what those writers I read did. Because I get to meet other writers. Because of the thrill I get when I see my name on the cover. Because of the thrill I get when someone says, "I liked your book". Because there are important things to say. Because reading's important. Because I want reading to be seen as a viable alternative form of recreation. Because it's an urge to tell a story. Because it's part of a long, long tradition going back to the dawn of time and I felt its call. Because the people at Random House are so good to work with.

Nationality: Australian

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