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Critically acclaimed, #1 New York Times best-selling author Aprilynne Pike has been spinning tales since she was a child with a hyper-active imagination. At the age of twenty she received her BA in Creative Writing from Lewis-Clark State College in Lewiston, Idaho. When not writing, Aprilynne can usually be found out running; she also enjoys singing, acting, reading, and working with pregnant moms as a childbirth educator and doula (labour coach). She has recently relocated from Utah to Glendale, Arizona with her husband and their four children; she is enjoying the sunshine.

Author's Comment: Wings is the story of a fifteen year old girl named Laurel who discovers she's a faerie and it's nothing like the storybooks say. She becomes involved in an ages-old battle between the faeries and the trolls over the gateway into Avalon, which, in my books, is the faerie realm. There are two hot guys - because I think every story should have two hot guys - and Laurel has to choose between them, but involved in that choice is also choosing the human world or faerie world. Laurel is, I think, a very normal teenage girl. She is fairly shy and on top of that, has been home schooled in very, very tiny town. So she has been a little sheltered... Laurel is also, because of my faerie mythos, very attractive, but like most teenagers, even though she can add up her physical attributes, she doesn't realize just how beautiful she is. I think a lot of teenagers - heck, women in general! - are like this.

Nationality: American

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