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Jo Nesbo is a bestselling Norwegian crime author, who has recently made his foray into the world of children's books. He was born in Oslo and grew up in Molde, later graduating from the Norwegian School of Economics with a degree in Economics and Business Administration.

With nine internationally acclaimed crime novels being translated into more than forty languages, Nesbo has enjoyed global success for his series of 'Detective Harry Hole' crime books, but he is also the main vocalist and songwriter for the Norwegian rock band 'Di Derre' and, in 2007, he released the first in a hilarious series of children's books about an eccentric professor known as Doctor Proctor.

Author's Comment: Q: Why did you go into writing children’s books?
A: It started as a story I told my daughter one summer. She told me she wanted a story with a dinosaur, a girl her own age and a younger boy because she was scared of boys at that time. It was so enjoyable, it became a series.

Q: Who came up with the farting motif?
A: Maybe it's a boy thing. I grew up with two brothers and have always been fond of farting. I persuaded my daughter to have farting in the story. She said: 'OK – but not too much.' Of course, I put in too much. That was my contribution.

Nationality: Norwegian

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