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Paul Collins was born in England, raised in New Zealand and immigrated to Australia in 1972. A few years later, he launched the science fiction magazine, 'Void' and owned his own bookstore, before becoming a full-time writer and publisher in the late 1990s.

Paul has written many books, including several series for young people and is also the author of over 150 short stories. He has been the recipient of the A Bertram Chandler, Aurealis, William Atheling and Peter McNamara awards and has been shortlisted for many others, including the Speech Pathology, Mary Grant Bruce, Ditmar and Chronos awards.

Paul is currently the publisher at Ford Street Publishing and runs the speakers agency Creative Net. He lives in a historic bluestone home built in 1851 with his partner, fellow author, Meredith Costain, and a menagerie of pets including a kelpie called Jack and Molly, a red heeler.

Author's Comment: Q. Do you find you can write instinctively about how and why characters can overcome fears and phobias?

Paul: I think so. Books often write themselves. Take for example any paragraph that's open-ended and see where it takes you. 'Lars woke to the sound of rolling thunder. As night turned to day, he saw someone standing in the doorway.' Okay, did Lars see someone there or not? If so, what happens next? Lars doesn’t roll over and go back to sleep. The character in the doorway - does he or she turn and flee, or is it the mentor that's going to kick Lars into his quest? Sometimes writers can discover what happens next merely by writing the next sentence, the next paragraph. I don't always know where my characters are headed.

Nationality: Australian

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