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Craig Scutt is an author, journalist and writer. He went to eight schools while growing up, which meant he was always the oddball new kid with no mates. Even though he was rubbish at maths he calculated it takes exactly 31.67 days for the average new kid to make new friends. So while he waited for his classmates to realise they liked him, Craig read any book he could get his hands on. This made him want to write books himself. He currently lives in Melbourne and works as a freelance writer. Mary Bryant for the Drum series is his first book.

Author's Comment: While I enjoy coming up with exciting angles for stories, my real passion is getting ‘out there’, exploring new places and interviewing people. I love how telling someone you’re writing a story is like showing them a passport that allows you temporary access into their world. It’s a privilege that has given me experiences I’ll never forget.

Nationality: Australian

Featured series by Craig Scutt

Drum (Ages 12 and up)