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Anita Ganeri was born in Calcutta, India, later emigrating to England with her family, where she attended primary and secondary school. She graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in French/German and Indian Studies. Anita spent many years working in publishing as a foreign rights manager and editor, before becoming a freelance writer. As a highly experienced author of children's informational books, she specialises in the topics of religion, India/Asia, multiculturalism, geography, biography and natural history, and has written over 300 titles. Her best-selling 'Horrible Geography' series won the Geographical Association 'Silver Award' in 1999, and was cited as being 'an innovation that all geographers will applaud'. She is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society where she conducts most of her research for the books. Anita has also written and edited for several magazines.

Author's Comment: Q. Where's the most interesting place you've visited? Q. Madagascar for its amazing wildlife (including lemurs) and Iceland for its earth-shattering earthquakes, volcanoes and icebergs. Q. If you weren't a writer, what job would you like to have? A. A zoologist studying lemurs in Madagascar or a vulcanologist in Iceland or an intrepid explorer almost anywhere. Q. What did you want to be when you grew up? Q. (a) French. (Please don't ask me to explain.) (b) A top tennis player. (Sadly, I'm not tall enough and I'm rubbish at tennis.)

Nationality: British

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