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Marsha Hubler is an American Christian author. She is also an expert in homeschooling and an educator specializing in learning disabilities. She and her husband were foster parents for many years and her popular Christian series 'Keystone Stables', deals with the trials and tribulations of both foster kids and foster parents. As the name suggests, this series also features horses, reflecting Marsha's love for and interest in the equine species. She lives in Middleburg, Pennsylvania.

Author's Comment: My husband and I had been married 12 years. We were accustomed to quiet solitude and isolated hobbies. I was acting principal of our church's Christian school and adept at loving and disciplining children of all ages. But living with one of the creatures [teenage foster daughter, Donna] was something else! My training hadn't included disciplining a teenage cyclone with an unbridled will. I ran to the Christian bookstore, searching for advice. The only book I found remotely close to my need was 'How to Break and Train Wild Mustangs'. I bought it and read it avidly. Meanwhile, Donna appeared to be writing her own book with her friends: 'How to Hoodwink and Hornswoggle Naive Foster Parents'...[Later] Donna then left us, headed for a Christian college, marriage, and a teaching career. She prepared our hearts to care for 11 more foster children who needed a home.

Nationality: American

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