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Megan McDonald grew up the youngest of five sisters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As a young child she developed a stutter, which lead her mother to give her a notebook so she could start writing things down. Megan's interest in writing continued to blossom and she is now an internationally acclaimed children's author, having won numerous awards for her 'Judy Moody' series. Megan's popular character, the feisty eight-year-old Judy, is adored by both boys and girls, making for a strong base of fans who are among Megan McDonald's strongest incentives to keep writing, along with "too many ideas and a little chocolate."

Megan currently resides in Sebastopol, California, with her husband, their two dogs, two adopted horses, and fifteen wild turkeys that like to hang out on their back porch.

Author's Comment: 10 THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW ABOUT ME: 10) The first book I ever wrote was about a hermit crab, inspired by a pet I once owned. 9) My favorite color is purple. 8) I love to read mysteries. When I was Judy's age, I read all 56 classic Nancy Drew order! Jeepers! 7) I used to collect scabs so I could examine them under the microscope that I got for my 8th birthday. 6) My four sisters and I often made up our own language, which included the words "Hoidi Boidi", "oogey", "retzel crummypuss" and "poony-poony". 5) My favorite TV show is JEOPARDY! 4) To research my Sisters Club book, THE RULE OF THREE, I toured San Francisco in search of the ultimate cupcake. The winner: Sleepless in San Francisco. 3) When I was a kid, I fell down a hill from chasing the ice-cream truck and had to get stitches. 2) When I was a librarian, I used to tell stories in sign language. That's how I got the expression "same-same" for Judy. 1) I share a birthday (February 28) with a famous princess, race car driver and a gangster.

Nationality: American

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