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When Herman Parish's aunt passed away in 1988, he inherited an enduring legacy: Amelia Bedelia. A character created by his aunt, Peggy Parish, Herman grew up with the loveable and literal-minded, Amelia Bedelia; she was part of the Parish family! With fans still wanting to read more of Amelia's adventures, Herman took over writing Amelia Bedelia adventures.
For some time, he collected  ideas, homonyms, and expressions, jotting them down whenever he heard them or thought of them, before writing his first Amelia Bedelia story. He realised, "...daily life is full of idiomatic expressions, literalisms, and homophones. It’s amazing that more people don’t get confused—amazing that Amelia Bedelia seems to be the only one!"

And now, new generations of children can continue to enjoy the humorous and charming adventures of Amelia Bedelia.

Nationality: American

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Amelia Bedelia - Age 6 & up