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Amanda Hocking is the bestselling American author of the 'Trylle' trilogy and six additional self-published novels. She enjoys Red Bull, Jim Henson, Batman, Jane Austen, Star Wars and lego, and absolutely hates long walks on the beach due to an intense hatred of wet sand. She is also the guitarist in a band called the 'Fraggin Aardvarks' (who haven't practised in years, but technically never broke up). In early 2011, Hocking averaged 9,000 book sales each day. After selling over a million copies of her books, primarily in eBook format, she is widely considered the exemplar of self-publishing success in the digital age. She now works full-time as a young adult novelist and resides in Austin, Minnesota.

Author's Comment: When did you start writing?

The truth is I was always writing. Before I could write, I would tell stories. When I was younger, I couldn't write fast enough to keep up with the ideas I had, so I had to talk and get them out. It never occurred to me until I was about 12 that I would do anything other than be a writer. When I was 12, I decided that writers were boring people, and I didn't want to be boring, so I'd save writing for my 'safety' career while I tried out other ones. In high school, I probably wrote about fifty short stories and started a dozen novels. I also wrote a full-length script for a movie about four teenagers who resort to murder to protect a friend...I finished my first novel when I was seventeen, right after I graduated high school. It was about a guy with amnesia in a corrupt institution looking for a serial killer. I know, it's shocking that something with that many overwrought cliches never found a publisher.

Nationality: American

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