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Matt Ralphs has always loved reading so it's probably no surprise that he ended up working as an editor. Over the years he's worked on many fantasic sci-fi, fantasy, history, art, humanities and children's books. But Matt's alway longed to write for a living, so he gave up my day job to give it a go. So far, so good…

He lives on a boat called Nostromo (named as such because Alien is one of his favourite films) and can be found somewhere on the Grand Union Canal, probably drinking tea and daydreaming.

Author's Comment: Since I was young I’ve been fascinated by dark, macabre and mysterious tales – especially if they have their roots in history. And there was a time when people believed in magic and demons, and when witches really existed. Usually they were harmless women who used a mixture of herb-lore and magic to cure the sick. Nevertheless, witches were subjected to the most appalling prejudice and violence, particularly in mainland Europe. The more I learned about it the more it seemed to me to be a fertile place from which to grow a story.

Nationality: British

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