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Garry Kilworth was born in York, England in 1941, and grew up with two brothers. His father was in the RAF, and the family travelled so extensively during his childhood, that by the age of 15 he'd been to 22 schools! Garry then left school to join the RAF himself, staying in that career for seventeen years before obtaining an English degree with honours, from Kings College, London University. He was 35 when his first novel, In Solitary - a science fiction novel - was published.

He has published over one hundred and twenty short stories, and seventy novels, many in the science fiction genre. More recently he is known as a fantasy and historical novelist. Garry enjoys the challenge of writing in a variety of forms and subjects, rather than working in one genre. He married his wife, Annette, when he was 21 years old, and they have two children and five grandchildren.

Author's Comment: I love writing. If it were outlawed tomorrow I would be a criminal. It's a compulsion. In 1980 I began writing children's books and this has become a major part of my output. It's still science fiction, fantasy, ghost stories and all that imaginative and speculative stuff, though as with my adult books there are one or two straight fiction novels amongst them. I go into the schools to give talks to the kids about writers and writing and I find them receptive and bright, even in so-called 'failing' schools. They ask a lot of searching questions and I have to give sensible answers or they boo me. It's good fun and I learn a lot.

Nationality: British

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