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The Skeleton Coast

by Mardi McConnochie (Author)

Book Cover for The Skeleton Coast
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   Book 3   
Pages: 320
Published: 2017

Annalie and Will's father, Spinner, is still on the run from the Admiralty. With their friends, Essie and Pod, and the talking parrot, Graham, their journey has taken them through dangerous waters, ferocious storms and marooned on abandoned islands. They've come heartbreakingly close to Spinner, only to be driven apart once again by their old nemesis, Beckett. While the Sunfishcrew loses precious days to yet another pirate attack, Spinner is fleeing south, to the mysterious land of Sundia.

Now, the terrifying emptiness of the Outer Ocean lies between the Sunfish and Spinner.Even if they manage to cross it – with Beckett still hot on their tail – Sundia is a land forbidden to all outsiders. What awaits them beyond Sundia's Skeleton Coast-the greatest danger they have yet faced, or answers and journey's end at last?

The thrilling conclusion to the Quest of the Sunfish series.

Series Summary

Series: Quest of the Sunfish
Tags: adventure fantasy seafaring family
Series reading level: 9+
Books in series: 3
Should read in order? Yes
Next release: Finished

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Books in series order
1Escape to the Moon Islands  (2016)
2The Castle in the Sea  (2017)
3The Skeleton Coast  (2017)