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The Ranger's Apprentice Series

by John Flanagan (Author)

Book Cover for the Ranger's Apprentice Series
5.00 5.00 (1 reviews)
They move silent as shadows. They climb impossible heights. Their archery skills are unsurpassed: they are Rangers. Read the mega-bestselling series about Will and his friends from Castle Redmont.

Each Ranger is an expert archer, and highly skilled at tracking, concealment and unseen movement. Rangers ride a special breed of horse that looks nondescript, but has amazing speed and almost limitless endurance. A Ranger horse will respond only to its master, will warn of danger, and respond instinctively to the Ranger's commands. There are fifty Rangers in the Corps, one for each of the Kingdom's Fiefs. Although they work with the Barons, the Rangers answer only to the King. In time of war they work with the highest commanders of the King's army, giving tactical advice and providing intelligence on the enemy's movements. Occasionally, a young man who is judged to have the right qualities will become a Ranger.

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YouTube Review (with no story spoilers) by Kitty G

Series Summary

Series: Ranger's Apprentice
Tags: medieval adventure action fantasy
Series reading level: 10+
Books in series: 12
Should read in order? Yes
Next release: Finished

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Books in series order
1The Ruins of Gorlan  (2004)
2The Burning Bridge  (2005)
3The Icebound Land  (2005)
4Oakleaf Bearers  (2006)
5The Sorcerer in the North  (2006)
6The Siege of Macindaw  (2007)
7Erak's Ransom  (2007)
8The Kings of Clonmel  (2008)
9Halt's Peril  (2009)
10The Emperor of Nihon-Ja  (2010)
11The Lost Stories  (2011)
12The Royal Ranger  (2013)