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The Anne of Green Gables Series

by Lucy Maud Montgomery (Author)

Book Cover for the Anne of Green Gables Series
5.00 5.00 (1 reviews)
When eleven-year-old orphan girl Anne Shirley arrives at Green Gables on Prince Edward Island, with nothing but a carpetbag and an overactive imagination, she knows that she has found her ideal home. But first she must convince the Cuthberts to let her stay, even though she isn’t the boy they had hoped for. The loquacious Anne quickly finds her way into their hearts, as she has with generations of readers, and her charming adventures in Avonlea, filled with colorful characters and tender escapades, linger forever in our memories.

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mary penco5

This is a timeless classic that appeals to both children and adults. Montgomery has created an endearing character in the somewhat comical but feisty heroine, 'Anne Girl'. Her constant 'scrapes' and wild imagination will keep you laughing throughout the book and when you reach the last page you may even find yourself shedding a tear that such a delightful story has come to an end.

Series Summary

Series: Anne of Green Gables
Tags: historical romance family classics
Series reading level: 10+
Books in series: 12
Should read in order? Yes
Next release: Finished

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Books in series order
+ Chronicles of Avonlea  (1912)
1Anne of Green Gables  (1908)
2Anne of Avonlea  (1909)
3Anne of the Island  (1915)
4Anne of Windy Poplars  (1936)
5Anne's House of Dreams  (1917)
6Anne of Ingleside  (1939)
7Rainbow Valley  (1919)
8Rilla of Ingleside  (1921)
9The Blythes Are Quoted  (2009)
+ Further Chronicles of Avonlea  (1920)
+ Before Green Gables  (2008)