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The Bloodtree Chronicles Series

by Elizabeth Pulford (Author)

Book Cover for the Bloodtree Chronicles Series
When the Bloodtree loses its last leaf, there will be no more stories in the Silvering Kingdom...

The Silvering Kingdom is the home of fairy tales but the kingdom and all those within are in danger of vanishing because the Bloodtree—the source of all stories—has been poisoned. The story known as 'Sanspell' has been cursed. It is up to Abigail Spindale to enter the fairy tale world and save the story-tree. Together with Flint—whose mother, Trinket, is being held captive by the evil Rackenard—Abigail set off on a difficult journey. They must source three drops of Trinket's blood in order to save the tree. The race is on... but can they survive the wicked Zezmena's spells?

Series Summary

Series: Bloodtree Chronicles
Tags: fantasy adventure fairy tales magic
Series reading level: 8+
Books in series: 3
Should read in order? Yes
Next release: Finished

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Books in series order
1Sanspell  (2015)
2Bragonsthyme  (2015)
3Thatchthorpe  (2016)