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The Winger Series

by Andrew Smith (Author)

Book Cover for the Winger Series
Ryan Dean West's life is complicated. He's a student at Pine Mountain, a boarding school for rich kids. He's sharing a room with the biggest bully on the rugby team. And he's totally in love with his best friend Annie, who thinks of him as a little kid. With the help of his mates and his talent for doodling comics, Ryan Dean is trying his best to get a handle on school, life and rugby. But when the unthinkable happens he has to find a way to hold on to the important things - no matter what. Hilarious and heartbreaking, Winger is a coming-of-age story for the twenty-first century.

Series Summary

Series: Winger
Tags: realistic fiction humour romance friendship school illustrated
Series reading level: 14+
Books in series: 2
Should read in order? Yes
Next release: Finished

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Books in series order
1Winger  (2013)
2Stand-Off  (2015)