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The Young Samurai Series

by Chris Bradford (Author)

Book Cover for the Young Samurai Series
The Young Samurai is a series of action-adventure stories set in 17th century Japan. The stories follow the exploits of an English boy, Jack Fletcher, who is rescued by the legendary sword master Masamoto Takeshi, when he is shipwrecked off the coast of Japan and his father and the ship's crew are slaughtered by ninja pirates. Jack's only hope is to become a samurai warrior, so under the tutelage of Takeshi, he strives to be the first gaijin samurai.

Series Summary

Series: Young Samurai
Tags: action adventure historical boys
Series reading level: 11+
Books in series: 9
Should read in order? Yes
Next release: Finished

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Books in series order
1The Way of the Warrior  (2008)
2The Way of the Sword  (2009)
3The Way of the Dragon  (2010)
4The Ring of Earth  (2010)
5The Ring of Water  (2011)
6The Ring of Fire  (2011)
7The Ring of Wind  (2012)
8The Ring of Sky  (2012)
+ The Way of Fire (Short Story)  (2012)