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The Jake Maddox Girl Sports Series

by Jake Maddox (Author)

Book Cover for the Jake Maddox Girl Sports Series
Though the focus of the Jake Maddox Girls Sports is of course girls, these engaging sports stories by Jake Maddox are a hit with both boys and girls alike.

Jake Maddox Girl Sports stories are pumped-up, easy-to-read chapter books with an emphasis on athleticism, perserverance and fair play, making them perfect for reluctant or emerging readers with a passion for adventure and sport. The girls in these books face obstacles on the field, the court, the ice, or the gym mat, and meet mental and social challenges as well. Readers discover that an athlete's inner game, persistence, and courage are just as important as a steady hand or a chance for a goal. While these characters are not always perfect, they are always striving to do their best.

Written with the assistance of a host of popular children's authors and illustrators, and containing bonus material such as discussion questions and writing prompts, this series is an excellent educational resource that kids aged 7+ won't want to put down.

Recognition: Women's Sports Foundation Billie Award Nominee (2009)

Series Summary

Series: Jake Maddox Girl Sports
Tags: sport dancing friendship girls cartoon realistic fiction
Series reading level: 7+
Books in series: 34
Should read in order? No
Next release: Finished

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Books in series order
1Cheer Challenge  (2008)
2Full Court Dreams  (2008)
3Jump Serve  (2008)
4Storm Surfer  (2008)
5Running Rivals  (2008)
6Soccer Spirit  (2008)
7Stolen Bases  (2008)
8Tennis Trouble  (2008)
9Skater's Secret  (2009)
10Horseback Hopes  (2009)
11Over the Net  (2009)
12Back on the Beam  (2009)
13Ballet Bullies  (2009)
14Half-Pipe Prize  (2009)
15Field Hockey Firsts  (2009)
16Hoop Doctor  (2009)
17Cheer Captain  (2011)
18Double-Axel Doubt  (2011)
19Drive to the Hoop  (2011)
20Victory Vault  (2011)
21Gymnastics Jitters  (2012)
22Horseback Hurdles  (2012)
23Soccer Surprise  (2012)
24Volleyball Dreams  (2012)
25Skating Showdown  (2013)
26Cheer Choice  (2013)
27Dance Team Dilemma  (2013)
28Rebound Time  (2013)
29Running Scared  (2013)
30Softball Surprise  (2014)
31Soccer Show-Off  (2014)
32Dancing Solo  (2014)
33Volleyball Victory  (2016)
34Pool Panic  (2016)