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The Freak Street Series

by Knife and Packer (Authors/Illustrators)

Book Cover for the Freak Street Series
Let's just say that on Freak Street there are some unusual families...

There are the Aliensons - just your average purple, one-eyed family from the planet Valvax-7. There are the Zombiesons. Slightly spooky, but forget terrorising graveyards and eating flesh, they prefer to eat takeaway in front of the TV. Let's not forget the Humansons - they're a little like you and me, only a lot more stupid! The Wizardsons have magic powers, a pet dragon and live in a giant mushroom! The Vampiresons are sharp-fanged vegetarians with a pet bat. And, finally, the Supersons all have mega-bizarro superhero powers and watch over Freak Street from their humungous skyscraper!

Filled with Knife & Packer's trademark colourful illustrations and bizarre humour, 'Freak Street' will be a hit with fans of 'Captain Underpants' or Andy Griffiths.

Series Summary

Series: Freak Street
Tags: humour science fiction paranormal magic cartoon
Series reading level: 7+
Books in series: 19
Should read in order? No

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Books in series order
1Meet the Aliensons  (2008)
2Meet the Humansons  (2008)
3Meet the Wizardsons  (2008)
4Meet the Zombiesons  (2008)
5Aliensons on Holiday  (2009)
6Humansons on Holiday  (2009)
7Wizardsons on Holiday  (2009)
8Zombiesons on Holiday  (2009)
9Aliensons' Time Machine  (2010)
10Humansons' Time Machine  (2010)
11Wizardsons' Time Machine  (2010)
12Zombiesons' Time Machine  (2010)
13Meet the Vampiresons  (2012)
14Meet the Supersons  (2012)
15Meet the Werewolfsons  (2013)
16Meet the Piratesons  (2014)
17Meet the Mummysons  (2015)
18Meet the Spysons  (2016)
+ Freak Street Bumper Super-Freaky Activity Book  (2011)