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The Malory Towers Series

by Enid Blyton (Author) Pamela Cox (Author)

Book Cover for the Malory Towers Series
When twelve-year-old Darrell Rivers starts boarding school at Malory Towers, she is eager to be one of their success stories. Things don't go quite as she'd hoped, however, when her quick temper sparks trouble and gets her off to a rocky start. Darrell's fellow students include sharp-tongued Alicia and her friend Betty, who enjoy playing practical jokes, reliable Sally, shy Mary-Lou, and the pampered and spiteful Gwendoline Mary Lacey.

The Malory Towers series follow the girls through six years of school, sharing in their challenges, disappointments and achievements as they work hard and play hard. Can they live up to Miss Grayling's expectations and turn from inky-fingered schoolgirls into "good, sound women the world can lean on"?

Note: The first six books are those from the original series by Enid Blyton. Six continuation novels have been sympathetically written by Pamela Cox, and were published in 2009. In some instances, books 7-12 are grouped separately and titled, Malory Towers Sequels.

Series Summary

Series: Malory Towers
Tags: friendship adventure girls school classics
Series reading level: 8+
Books in series: 12
Should read in order? Yes
Next release: Finished

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Books in series order
1First Term at Malory Towers  (1946)
2Second Form at Malory Towers  (1947)
3Third Year at Malory Towers  (1948)
4Upper Fourth at Malory Towers  (1949)
5In the Fifth at Malory Towers  (1950)
6Last Term at Malory Towers  (1951)
7New Term at Malory Towers  (2009)
8Summer Term at Malory Towers  (2008)
9Winter Term at Malory Towers  (2009)
10Fun and Games at Malory Towers  (2009)
11Secrets at Malory Towers  (2009)
12Goodbye Malory Towers  (2009)