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The Aussie Angels Series

by Margaret Clark (Author)

Book Cover for the Aussie Angels Series
This is a series about twins Meg and Mike Green, who help their parents run 'Animal Haven', a wildlife shelter. They have a brother Mike who is a little devil, and a best friend called Boris Boola, who is also an honourary Angel. With permanent residents Alice the labrador, Carol the camel, Oscar the owl and Wannabee the dog, as well as Cinnamon and Boss the koalas, Furbag the possum, Elsie the emu and Edna the echidna, the place is always busy. There are also injured or orphaned animals who need help. There are bird poachers, smugglers, shipwrecks, drug-dealers, disappearing planes and lots of mysteries for the Angels to solve. There are now 21 Aussie Angel books.

Series Summary

Series: Aussie Angels
Tags: animals adventure family realistic fiction
Series reading level: 8+
Books in series: 21
Should read in order? No
Next release: Finished

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Books in series order
1Okay Koala  (1999)
2Whale of a Time  (1999)
3Seal With a Kiss  (1999)
4Hello, Possum!  (1999)
5Wannabe Wallaby  (2000)
6Cocky Too  (2000)
7Sheila the Heeler  (2000)
8A Horse, of Course  (2000)
9Operation Wombat  (2000)
10Dollar For a Dolphin  (2000)
11Dog on the Job  (2001)
12Mouse Pad  (2001)
13Camel Breath  (2001)
14Duck For Luck  (2001)
15Owl Express  (2001)
16Pups 4 Sale  (2002)
17Kidding Around  (2002)
18Shark in the Dark  (2002)
19Llama Drama  (2002)
20Leap Frog  (2002)
21Penguin Parade  (2002)