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Amazing Abby: Drama Queen

by Emma Moss (Author)

Book Cover for Amazing Abby: Drama Queen
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   Book 2   
Pages: 288
Published: 2016

Ever since Abby and her friends set up the Girls Can Vlog YouTube channel, Abby has been busier than ever. Not only is she vlogging at least once a week, but she also has a role in the school musical production of Grease. While Abby's always found keeping up with her schoolwork tough, now it's virtually impossible, and to make things even worse, she's developing a major crush... on two different boys!

If Abby's parents find out about her slipping grades, will it mean the end for her acting and vlogging dreams?

An inspirational story about the power of vlogging – complete with tips for starting up your own YouTube channel!

Series Summary

Series: Girls Can Vlog
Tags: realistic fiction humour friendship girls school
Series reading level: 10+
Books in series: 4
Should read in order? Yes

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Books in series order
1Lucy Locket: Online Disaster  (2016)
2Amazing Abby: Drama Queen  (2016)
3Hashtag Hermione Wipeout  (2017)
4Jazzy Jessie: Going for Gold  (2017)