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Silver Brumby Whirlwind

by Elyne Mitchell (Author)

Book Cover for Silver Brumby Whirlwind
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   Book 6   
Pages: 126
Published: 1973

Thowra, the magnificent silver stallion, is captivated by a beautiful filly dancing in the dawn light on the top of a gorge. He knew he must have her, but he would have to fight to make her his own. But he had no idea of the trouble she would bring – or the risk he was taking. The battle for her threatens to destroy them both.

Series Summary

Series: Silver Brumby
Tags: animals horses & ponies nature fantasy adventure culture
Series reading level: 10+
Books in series: 12
Should read in order? Yes
Next release: Finished

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Books in series order
1The Silver Brumby  (1958)
2Silver Brumby's Daughter  (1960)
3Silver Brumbies of the South  (1965)
4Silver Brumby Kingdom  (1966)
5Moon Filly  (1968)
6Silver Brumby Whirlwind  (1973)
7Son of the Whirlwind  (1979)
8Silver Brumby, Silver Dingo  (1993)
9Dancing Brumby  (1995)
10Brumbies of the Night  (1996)
11Dancing Brumby's Rainbow  (1998)
12The Thousandth Brumby  (1999)