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The Akhenaten Adventure

by P.B. Kerr (Author)

Book Cover for The Akhenaten Adventure
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   Book 1   
Pages: 384
Published: 2004

Meet John and Philippa Gaunt, twelve-year-old twins who one day discover themselves to be descended from a long line of djinn. All of a sudden, they have the power to grant wishes, travel to extraordinary places, and make people and objects disappear. Luckily, the twins are introduced to their eccentric djinn-uncle Nimrod, who will teach them how to harness their newly found power. And not a moment too soon...since John and Philippa are about to embark on a search to locate a monstrous pharaoh named Akhenaten and his eerie tomb, and find themselves flung into a terrifying battle against Iblis, the most evil djinn in the world...

Series Summary

Series: Children of the Lamp
Tags: magic adventure culture myth & legend video reviewed
Series reading level: 10+
Books in series: 7
Should read in order? No
Next release: Finished

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Books in series order
1The Akhenaten Adventure  (2004)
2The Blue Djinn of Babylon  (2006)
3The Cobra King of Kathmandu  (2006)
4The Day of the Djinn Warriors  (2007)
5The Eye Of The Forest  (2009)
6The Five Fakirs of Faizabad  (2010)
7The Grave Robbers of Genghis Khan  (2011)